Residing just over the Irwell at the hidden gem that is The Eagle Inn, Evidently has become one of the best spoken word nights in the north. Its recipe is simple and effective: invite two special guests to each event and allocate open mic slots, invite an audience and let the ingredients set for a few hours of verse. 

The night is run by Local poet Kieren King and Ella Gainsborough. Guests have included Alabaster dePlume, Laurie Bolger, Hollie McNish and Tony Walsh. The night’s open mic has paved the way for several budding poets, providing a platform and audience for those finding their feet and voice.

They’ve built up a bulging archive of film recordings to document the exploits of some of the UK’s more dextrous lyricists on their way to wider recognition. Treat yourself to a gander here.

Events take place every 2nd Monday of the month.