The Other Room

Billed as “experimental poetry in Manchester”, The Other Room has been filling its event video archives with literary performances roughly every two months since April 2008. That description may seem like it’s one for the more intrepid of literary explorers, but it’s always free entry, so nothing ventured, nothing gained, and there’s also nothing to lose.

Its organisers, James Davies, Tom Jenks and Scott Thurston, have also produced an anthology, The Other Room Anthology 8, commemorating their 2015-16 series of events, which features a fittingly inventive cast of wordsmiths. Jenks himself has writing in print available to buy, with a numerical riff on John Stuart Mills’ On Liberty, entitled On Liberty, Repressed, and two Twitter-born ‘alt lit’ publications, An Anatomy of Melancholy, reworking Robert Burton’s 1621 piece of the same name, and Marjorie, documenting the exploits of the eponymous ‘mansplaining’ troll bot.

Jenks’ personal output gives a flavour of the offbeat feasts served up under The Other Room’s moniker at The Castle Hotel, the next of which sees Young Enigma and Young Company collectives member Bryony Bates, origami lit specialist Steven Hitchins and 2016 Northern Writers’ award-winner Amy McCauley all lined up for Tuesday 21 February.