Manchester Books Limited

A contemporary publishing company based in Manchester that aims to publish several works a year on the themes of the city and the North.

Innovative in approach, Manchester Books Limited aims to entertain, inform and in its own words ‘occasionally challenge received wisdom’ with its publications.

Its first published work was ‘Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle’ – a book exploring the life and times of local chef Robert Owen Brown, along with 50 of his recipes.

The second publication is titled ‘Manchester: The complete guide to the city’ and offers a definitive guide to the area, serving both as a practical tool and a witty perspective on navigating Manchester as ‘Capital of the North’.

It has published two works by the notable local journalist, guide and broadcaster Jonathan Schofield – ‘Lost & Imagined Manchester’ and ‘Illusion & Change Manchester’.

This is a publishing company committed to communicating not just the best of the city landscape and culture, but also a sense of local humour and character.