An independent publisher aiming to offer creative and innovative texts – working with a range of writers and designers to produce something, in their own words, ‘a little bit different’.

Saraband was the inaugural Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the year and it has bases in both Glasgow and Manchester.

Saraband has three main areas of speciality. The first is non-fiction, with a focus of producing attractive illustrated books. The second is fiction, with a particular interest in Scottish and women writers. Their new imprint Contraband features a wider range of crime, mystery and thriller writing.

The third area or platform of speciality is digital publishing – and Saraband has worked on a number of successful phone apps including Pandacademy.

Notable titles – many nominated for awards – published by Saraband include Castles in the Mist, Cross Purpose, The Nature of Autumn, His Bloody Project and Expecting.

Authors published with Saraband include J. David Simons, Jane Alexander and Sylvia Bernstein.