Stirred Poetry

The core Stirred Poetry members – Anna Percy, Rebecca Audra Smith, Lenni Sanders and Jasmine Chatfield formed ‘Stirred’ to promote conversation on the subject of feminism and women’s rights, in particular highlighting female artistry with the written and spoken word.

Although a relatively new addition to the local literature scene, having only been founded early in 2016, the quartet have plans in place to produce zines, chapbooks and anthologies of writing.

Stirred have also produced a range of workshops covering engaging topics such as Kate Bush, Audre Lorde, female Beat poets and found poetry. The latter took place at Marble Beer House in Chorlton and introduced exercises like Cento, for which you’re invited to take one line from ten poems, then piece them together to form your new poem; and Pure Found Poem, for which you have to edit a piece of previously unpoetic writing – from a menu to an instruction manual – using only line breaks and punctuation.

Open to readers and performers of any gender, their events are held at Three Minute Theatre, where they’ll ‘generally’ be on the third Monday of the month. The first few event themes for 2017 have been announced as Self-Love (27 February), A Woman Scorned (27 March) and Slam (24 April), with further information available via their Facebook, Twitter and website.