The Castle Hotel

Nestled in the bustling Northern Quarter of Manchester sits The Castle Hotel, established in 1776. The Castle Hotel has celebrated the arts for well over 200 years, with older records showing that there has been a dwelling at 66 Oldham Street since the 1400s. As the centuries have passed, time has seen the pub’s name change several times, from The Crown and Sceptre to The Clock Face, and now to its current incarnation as The Castle Hotel, which has stood since Frederic Robinson took over Kay’s Atlas Brewery in the 1930s.

After years as a stop-off for people on their way to Band on the Wall, the public house is now a permanent feature on Manchester’s music scene. Playing host to the legendary John Peel and Ian Curtis cemented The Castle Hotel’s place in the City, and although the economic downturn of 2008 saw it briefly close its doors, this didn’t last for long as the much-loved, characterful pub was soon brought out of retirement.

It flourished once again as friends Jonny Booth and Rupert Hill restored the pub to its former glory and reopened its doors to the creative communities of Manchester, inviting the people of Manchester and beyond to make full use of the pub, its new music hall and theatre. It houses many of the city’s live literature events in its small events space just behind the main bar. Find out how you can get involved here.