Magma is a hive of activity for those who are passionate about the latest in visual communication, art, culture and design. What started out as a book shop in a time of uncertainty (as a result of the internet revolution) quickly grew into a treasure trove stocking high-quality and affordable prints, t-shirts, totes, accessories, stationery, games and books.

Magma’s distinctive character can largely be attributed to its founders Montse Prats and Marc Valli, whom, after meeting at a failing art bookshop and after much discussion, decided to spread their wings together. They opened their first shop in Covent Garden near Marc’s favourite sandwich shop and Montse’s favourite clothes shop – not a coincidence!

Magma took off, making its way from Southern England all the way to 22 Oldham Street, in spite of differences in music tastes, management styles and vision. After initial success, Magma continued to grow and formed an excellent relationship with publishing house Laurence King, developing a selection of inspiring gifts, journals and games.

In 2009 Marc began to spin another plate as he started the contemporary art magazine Elephant, which you can pick up in-store. Marc and Montse continue to pioneer creative collaborations and have recently started to roll out print counters, events and exhibitions in-store.

Magma thrives on customer feedback in a domain that is ever-changing, so do pay them a visit. You’re certain to find something you’ll like.