Manchester Book Buyers

This independent bookshop is situated in the City Centre, opposite the Arndale Centre. Bargain prices starting as low as 50p allow passers-by to indulge in a good read, whatever the budget.

Open Monday to Saturday, Manchester Book Buyers encourage the busy urban-dweller to take a few minutes to browse through their wonderful collection of rare and second-hand books. The shops understated facade conceals the vast quantity of hidden gems within. Shelves are packed with quirky, classical and peculiar books that are certainly worth a read. And if you’re not keen on throwing away old and unused books and comics, these folks will take them off your hands.

For those interested in comics and cartoons, they offer a comprehensive selection of annuals from the likes of the Beano, Dandy, Beezer and Topper. Manchester Book Buyers are well known in the comic collecting community for offering competitively low prices for good quality collectable items.

Manchester Book Buyers has bucked the trend that other second hand book stores has faced in recent years. Acknowledging the rise in reading via technological devices, the shop’s walls advise: “Kill the kindle, buy a book”.