Travelling Man

The Travelling Man is home to a diverse range of comic books, board games and RPGs. With all the household names in the comic industry and stacks of board games to suit everyone, this shop is a must-visit.

The Travelling Man is passionate about what it does and this is captured in their shops and their drive to promote comics, from subculture to mainstream. This store stops at nothing to ensure the customer is happy and this is just part of the reason they cater for comics surrounding content about love, hate, sex, politics, religion, life and death.

The independent nature of the company is reflected in its focus on bringing people closer together. They promote board games and RPGs as being about fun, friendship and community, because they allow connectedness and a face-to-face dimension that cannot be achieved online.

Be sure to pop in or check out The Travelling Man’s website for updates on events held in-store. Previous events have seen music acts and high-profile names visit the store for signing events, such as Mike Mignola, formerly of Marvel and DC Comics, and Joan Cornella has also been recruited to sign copies of his new book, Zonzo.