Hic Dragones

A creative writing and literature organisation and publisher based in Crumpsall, North Manchester.

Hic Dragones specialises in dark and strange fiction. It was established in 2010 and set up by Hannah Kate, a Manchester-based writer of urban fantasy and poetry as well as an English, Creative Writing and Popular Culture tutor. In 2012, she was joined at Hic Dragones by Rob Shedwick.

Hic Dragones has used conferences to explore the impact of dark and mysterious texts, and has marketed a range of Murder Mystery Games.

Publications have included the serialisation of various Victorian Gothic pulp fiction ‘penny dreadfuls’ into digitally remastered eBook instalments, and a range of dark fiction. Hic Dragones has worked with authors including Beth Daley and Toby Stone. They also have published a range of short stories under the title Into the Woods.